Leaking roofs and laundry…

I woke up this morning to find that my daughter had placed a bowl and a hand towel under the AC vent sometime last night to “catch the water dripping to the floor”.

Argh. At least all I had to do was call the leasing office and they sent someone out to check the roof and fix the issue.

But then, while putting the laundry soap back onto its shelf, it somehow managed to fall. And the top somehow came flying off. And the BLUE LIQUID detergent then decided that staying in the bottle would be a bad idea and that spilling out as much as possible before I could pick it up over the beige carpet would be a good idea.

That’s when I started thinking that maybe I should stay in bed.

I went to check where the water had been leaking into the house and found that the water had dripped down some decorative red branches. Which, of course, left a stain, about the size of a bowl, onto said beige carpet.

That’s about the time I decided I needed a Jack and Coke. Because really, scrubbing the same spot in the carpet for hours and hours and hours does NOT sound like fun to me.

The red stain is now pink, but still there. I will work on it more in the morning. After a margarita.

On a positive note, I stocked up on Capri Suns for the girls lunches today. I have 6 weeks of Capri Suns ready! I am getting prepared! I wonder how long it will take them to find said lunch Capri Suns and drink them all before school starts on Tuesday?


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