Where I want to pull my hair out

I woke up this morning, just knowing that all the spot carpet cleaning solution I left on the carpet spot before bed last night had removed the stain.

I suppose I was still dreaming. *sigh*

It is more pink, though. So, I did some more scrubbing and put some more cleaner on it. Maybe sometime in the next year the spot will be gone.

Up next on the agenda? Going to find the PERFECT bookbags for the new school year. I hate shopping for book bags. I don’t care how cute they are, once you put all the crap and books in the things, they are way too heavy for little shoulders and backs and hurt.

There is also a sale on Little Debbie snacks at my local grocery store, so we will be heading out that way to stock up for the girls school lunches. I figure 10 boxes will last all year – hahahaha!!! But 10 boxes will last at least until Christmas, if not a little longer. I am thinking about instituting a rule that they can only have a LD snack on Fridays and something healthy every other day.

Another grocery store has a card where when you buy 12 gallons of milk you get the 13th gallon free. So we will be heading there to get some milk and I also got a $5 off coupon in the mail for my entire purchase, (as long as I spend $10) So, we will look at see what is on sale there equaling $10 so I can get my$5 off. Most likely it will be something to stock up on to throw in their lunch boxes someday.

Joy Joy!


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