We had a pretty much uneventful weekend. One where I attempted to stay in bed as much as possible because I knew I was dying. And if I am going to die, I want to do it in my own bed, thank you very much.

I did brave dying in the big bad world for a few hours on Saturday, when I took the girls to the cardboard boat races at the lake. It was very entertaining, very cute, and somehow – very educational.  After a bit, though, I just knew I was going to die and I didn’t want to do THAT while driving, so we had to leave so I could get back in bed.

Tonight is Open House at the new school. I really hope the girls get good teachers and make new friends. Being the new kid sucks.

But on a happier note, they start tomorrow, which means once they are IN school, I can stay in my bed for a few hours without being disturbed! I can actually take the cold medicine that knocks me out! I can possibly get to actually feeling like I am NOT about to DIE!

YaY for school!!!!

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