1st Day Jitters

It is almost 2 in the morning. I have to get the girls up to get ready for the first day of school in 5 hours. But I can’t fall asleep. You would think I was the one about to start a new year at a new school where I know absolutely no one but my crummy wonderful sister!

We went tonight and found the classrooms and met the teachers. I wasn’t overly impressed, but then again, this isn’t the half a billion dollar school they are building in Los Angeles.

I am worried. Will they make new friends? Will someone make fun of the way my 8 year old pronouces certain words? (She learned to talk in Europe. She has a bit of an accent. Like Hitler, but waaayyy cuter) Will they have someone to eat lunch with? (I don’t really have to worry about that for tomorrow. Its a half day. So I will be up again tomorrow night worrying about who they eat with) Will my oldest daughter’s teachers understand that when she stares right through you, she is thinking REALLY hard and not trying to be disrespectful?

Oh, this is horrific! It’s like sending them off to Kindegarten all over again! Except this time, they don’t get to take naps so when they come back home to me, they will be cranky! When I ask, “How was school?”, I’m going to hear, “Okay” or “Fine” or maybe even “Good” but unless I ask questions, they aren’t going to be in the mood to tell me! And even if I ask questions, they are going to try to answer them either “yes” or “no” – because I can’t be trusted with more information than that!

I think I am about to have a stroke. I need a cosmo. Pronto.


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