It comes and it goes……

The first day of school seemed to have gone well. Everyone found their classrooms just fine and everyone made it home okay and they even met some new kids!

Oldest daughter met two girls she thinks is nice. Youngest met one new friend. Only one because she was working on being really quiet in class. Maybe she should have worked on that last year, you know, before she had all her “sticks” taken away almost daily for be a jabbermouth.

Not only was today the first day of school, it was also the release date of Mockingjay…. the third and final book in the Hunger Games series. So, off to Target I went to purchase the book and spent my time without the children reading it. Cover to cover. Yes. I completed an ENTIRE book without any interruptions! Hooray for school!

In case you want to know, the book was, in a word, AWESOME. So awesome that I called one of my friends just so I could leave a message on her voicemail about how AWESOME it was and how LUCKY I am that I did not have to “work” today so I could read the WHOLE thing! When I spoke to her later, she told me that I sucked. Well, that very may be true, I might suck on occassion, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I READ THE WHOLE BOOK! Neener neener neener!!!!!


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