Some Stay-at-Home-Moms tick me off….

After being particulary productive today (I baked Muffins! I cleaned the carpets! I made my BED!) I was venturing out into the world of cyber-space because I am interested in how other Stay at Home Mom’s spend and organize their day.

I came across this article, which is discussing whether or not SAHM and “housewife” are the same thing. Here are a few of the comments:

“No, that identity does not sit well with me. I am home caring for my kids right now. It doesn not mean domesticity has become my vocation, occupation, or even something I enjoy doing. I would never jump into the role where it was my “job” to make the household run smoothly.”

As an adult, you do not think it is your “job” to make your household run smoothly? Is there a “Household running smoothly” fairy out there somewhere that I don’t know about? Even if you work outside the home, it is STILL your “job” to make sure your house is in order!

 “I do NOT have more time during the day, managing the needs of two small children. Between doctors appts and grocery shopping, taking DS to school and picking up, taking DD to storytime at the library, and attending playgroups, not to mention meals and naptimes, I simply don’t have time to clean the house. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice taking my kid to the park or the library for clean carpets.”

I guess this person goes to the doctor practically everyday, right before going to the grocery store. No one is saying you should sacrifice taking your kid to the park or the library but you know, maybe if you cleaned those carpets once in a while, you wouldn’t be at the doctor’s office so frequently. Just a suggestion.

“I’m a *terrible* homemaker. My house is a wreck, there are odd things growing in the attic, and I can’t stand doing housework.I do manage the bills and finances, but that’s just becasue he sucks at it. Stay home mom, I am (for now) but I am NOT a homemaker.”

I would check to see what exactly is growing in your attic, because it might actually be something that will make you sick. That is, if all the crap laying around doesn’t get to the kids first. Oh, and I don’t know anyone who really finds scrubbing toliets *fun*. But it is part of, I don’t know, being a freaking grown-up and teaching your children valuable lessons, like having a SANITARY house.

“I’m a decent cook, but I’d sooner have a route canal, daily, than spend my days cleaning.”

I am almost speechless. Someone would rather have a root canal daily than to spend 30 minutes a day cleaning? Would rather have a daily root canal than provide a sanitary place for their children to thrive?

Look, I don’t wake up and think to myself, “YaY! I get to scrub the oven! Clean out the Fridge! Scrub toliets! Wash curtains!” But I still freaking do it. And I did those things BEFORE I became a stay-at-home because, well, that is part of being a big girl and having a house.  Don’t come crying to me about how my children are older, blah blah blah! Guess what? They weren’t always this age and I wasn’t always Mrs.O! There was a time when it was me, two babies under 3, while I was Soldier in the Army, leaving the house at 4 in the morning and not getting home until 7 and my house was STILL clean!

Children do not need you in their faces every waking moment of the day! Sure, it is important to play with them, to teach them things, to cuddle. But it is also important to stimulate their ability to ENTERTAIN themselves! To promote their IMAGINATIONS! To give them a CLEAN FREAKING ENVIRONMENT!

Moms who say they don’t have time to do anything other than interact with the children from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed, in my opinion, are using the children as an excuse to NOT do things they don’t enjoy. Well, grow up and put on those big girl pants! Being an adult means you don’t only do the things you enjoy! It means you do the things that HAVE to be done!


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