Who DAT!?!?!

Have I mentioned that I am a New Orleans Saints fan? More than a fan, really…. tears come to my eyes when I see them take the field because I am SO HAPPY to see them! I jump up and down and lose my voice screaming my head off.

Being born and raised in New Orleans, I really didn’t have a chance of NOT being connected to the Saints. Living so far from home the last 13 years just reinforces the Saints as more than just a football team… they are “home”.

Many people do not understand the connection the team has with the residents of the city – and that’s okay. No one expects someone who isn’t from there to understand that they are more than simply a football team.

Last night I turned the game on and I immediately had tears in my eyes. My children told me I was nuts. That’s okay. I am a Who Dat!

Everyone around me kept telling me, “It’s just a preseason game! Don’t get so worked up!”

Well, pffttt on that! I want them to win at PRACTICE. I want them to win win win!



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