Thankful Tuesday (even with a crappy economy)

Like many, my family has felt the impact of the struggling economy. Although I graduated from college in May, I have been unable to find employment in our new community. Our finances are feeling the strain of the situation, because although we have been paying down our debts with a vengence, it just wasn’t really the best time to move or for me to become unemployed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really tell the Army, “No, we aren’t moving because it isn’t in our best financial interests.”

Granted, since I am staying home, there are some numbers in the budget that are going down. Gasoline, for one, since I am not heading out of the house everyday for numerous miles. I have been able to cut our food bill down because I am taking the time to check sales and use coupons and cook from scratch. I am using leftovers – something I never did before.

It still doesn’t change the depression I start to feel when I look at the numbers. They are black and red and as much as I try to tweak them, it doesn’t really seem to get THAT much better.

So, I decided to think about the things I am grateful and thankful for, to remind myself how truly blessed we are.

I am thankful the alarm went off this morning, because it means I have electricity.

I am thankful to have made the bed this morning, because it means I have a place to sleep and blankets to keep me warm.

I am thankful I got to deal with cranky children this morning, because it means I am not alone.

I am thankful I got to sit in drop off traffic at school, because it means I am still fortunate enough to have transportation.

I am thankful for the laundry I have to do, because it means we are clothed.

I am thankful for my mother calling in the middle of a nap, because it means she is still on this Earth.

I am thankful for dirty dishes, because it means our bellies are full.

I am thankful that I can hear my neighbors stereo, because it means that I can hear.

I am thankful to walk down three flights of stairs to get the laundry, because it means I still have the use of my legs.

I am thankful I get to help with homework, because it means my children are receiving an education.

These are some of the things I am thankful for each and everyday. What are you thankful for?


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