Tomorrow my mother comes into town for a visit!

I still have boxes we brought back up here last weekend I need to unpack.

Good news about that is I don’t feel pressured to stay up waayyy late to unpack JUST because my mother is coming to visit. A tornado could have just come through the house and I would still be okay with throwing open the front door and welcoming her in. As long as the kitchen and bathrooms were clean. If they weren’t, then she would have to go stay at a hotel.

It is going to be awesome to see my momma, mainly because she is only staying for 5 days. Any longer than that and we start to REALLY bicker. I don’t know why. We talk on the phone EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and don’t bicker. But the moment we are in each others presence for more than 5 days – look out.

I suppose it is because she’s the mother and I am the daughter – except that now I am the mother who has two daughters. It is a push/pull experiment that always ends up exactly the same: She crys and I end up apologizing by offering to make her a Coca Cola. (Although I very rarely actually apologize, because I only apologize when I am wrong. The offering of Coca Cola is more of a peace offering)

Oh, and there is a craft fair this weekend! That is certainly something I am excited about! Pumpkin patches and Americana crafts – you can’t beat that!



The road trip was uneventful…. meaning that we really only got into about 487593745894735 arguements instead of much more.

We are not good traveling buddies. Nor are we good “unpack and decide what is coming out of storage” buddies.

But it all works out in the end. We did bring up the entertainment center (for him) and for me we brought the rest of my clothes (I swear I thought I gave away the majority of those things, but the amount that I have still is shocking to me. I think my clothes had sex and made more clothes) my pots and pans, my scrapbooking stuff, and the rest of the girls stuff.

I figure it is a decent trade-off. Entertainment center of pretty much all of my crap? Plus it is really MY entertainment center anyway, since all my pretty pictures and stuff go ON the blasted thing?


Also while in town we stopped by the International Fest that was going on. That was pretty fun. Until the belly dancers. Oh my.

Road Trip!

In about 30minutes me and the family will be hitting the road to go back to our last duty station. Not to move, not really to visit, but to get some things out of storage.

I am sure this will be a wonderful trip. Right.

And then there was…..

Being busy! I love being busy! Unless I want to take a nap, in which case I despise being busy. But I digress….

Today the boss and I stopped by the office supply store to get me a few “welcome to the office” supplies. I got to pick out my own post it notes. MINE. JUST MINE. Awesome! As well as some other supplies I felt I needed.

We also went around to all my facilities and starting meeting all the managers. That was fun. I was at work all day, but only in the office for about 2 hours – I love days like that!

Tonight Mr. O brought the boat to storage. He just sent me a photo text of it – he is really sad. He is always sad when it is time to put the boat up until the next summer. Me? Eh. I like having the boat to take out, but it isn’t the end of the world for me.

We are going out of town this weekend – back to the last place we lived to check on the houses and get some stuff out of storage. With the current housing market we are kinda forced into renting out our houses (I mean, we could attempt to sell, but why take a loss when we have the ability to rent them out and wait until the market turns around?) But renting them out makes Mr. O nervous. So nervous, in fact, that we have to do walk throughs since we are in town. But its okay. Nothing wrong with making sure everything is okay!

Resumes people! Resumes!

My new job started and I heart it! Everyone (so far) has been really awesome AND I get to leave the house in pretty dress up gear!

One of my duties is looking through resumes to select who to interview for positions and I can not tell you how crazy they are!

I do not proclaim to be the best resume writer on the planet, because I know that I am not. However, I did spend about 3  hours crafting the resume I submitted for my current job – after I spent about 40 hours researching different types of resumes, action words, formats, etc. I applied for a LOT of jobs too – over 100 before I got this position and I spent a good 2-3 hours on EACH resume for EACH job in which I applied.

Guess how long I think some of these people have taken writing their resumes? Less than two minutes. Really. And then they want to call and ask why they haven’t been called in for an interview.

I don’t know. Maybe because since you couldn’t take the time to write down your skills and experience, I am not going to waste my time interviewing you.

Today I looked through 50 resumes. Out of 50 I picked a grand total of three to call in for interviews. THREE. And two of those I probably shouldn’t have based on the resumes, but I have to interview someone otherwise I don’t have a reason for being employed myself.

I am just saying, you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have two pages of greatness. You do, however, have to come across on paper as though you are professional, capable, willing, and as though you are taking the process seriously. If you can’t take the time to even capitalize the first letters of your first and last names, don’t expect a callback.

Just another Tuesday….

I stayed up wayyyy too late last night. In my defense, it was the NFL’s fault. I mean, when you start a game after 9 pm, how do you expect me to go to sleep early? So, I have cleared myself of all charges. 🙂

I did manage to get my butt up and make the girls their lunches. When the alarm went off I contemplated just giving them lunch money for the day, but what kind of example would that be teaching them? Not only that, it takes about 5 minutes to make the lunches. Although 5 more minutes in bed might have felt nice, it wasn’t really going to do anything for being sleep deprieved.

Speaking of which, tomorrow starts the J O B. Which probably means I am going to be sleep deprieved because not only am I not going to be able to fall asleep due to excitement, but I am going to have to wake up earlier so I can get myself all dolled up.

In other news, I am doing the laundry which never seems to end and ANOTHER load of dishes. I never realized just HOW MANY DISHES Mr. O uses during a day. I think I am going to write his name on his cup so he knows that it is HIS CUP and that he should USE IT MULTIPLE TIMES throughout the day.

Some people are just jerks…

Mr. O, the children and I all went the Missouri State vs. Kansas State football game last night. We got a little tailgating in before the game, which was nice. KSU won, so I suppose that was nice as well… even though I really didn’t care who won that particulary game, its always nice for the home team to win, right?

Right. Ok. So, there I was, wearing my brand new KSU t-shirt, just so I can mingle with all the other purple shirts.

And then it hit me. We were tailgating with jerk-off’s!!! I really hate that feeling. I mean, we eventually left that group and went to a different group, but the damage was done.

I was left pissy and Mr. O was left wondering what the hell he did wrong. He was defensive because the jerks are actually his friends from some time before we even starting dating. I was defensive because of course he was trying to DEFEND their jerkiness. As IF! Hello, Mr. O! I am the WIFE here!

But in the end, I am stuck with his defending butt. Because I heart him. And he hearts me too.

Even if yesterday he was being a jerk.

Do you remember?

I don’t mean where you were when you found out.

Do you remember how you FELT? Do you remember the shock? The tears pouring down your cheeks? The fear?

Maybe you ran to the gas station because you were fearful prices would rise or they would run out. I did.

Maybe you left work early to get your children from school or child care just in case. I did.

Maybe you watched with horror – not completely understanding anything other than – “This is bad. A lot of people just died”. I did.

I remember hugging my then 3 year old daughter as I was crying and her wiping the tears from my face. My then-husband was stationed in South Korea at the time and I remember trying to get a call through frantically – fearful that North Korea would use that moment to hurt us even more.

I remember touching my belly – where my now 8 year old was residing and wondering if she would ever see this world.

Do you remember that in those moments it didn’t matter how much money anyone made, how many cool gadgets anyone had, or what kind of house or car someone owned? Do you remember that it didn’t matter if you considered yourself blue or red? Do you remember that we were UNITED. We understood what was important. We understood that PEOPLE were what mattered.

Everyday I try to remember that feeling. That everything can be taken away in an instant. That how we treat and regard other human beings is what is important, not the things that we ultimately throw away.

Never Forget. Always Remember. United We Stand. Divided We Fall.


Yes! The New Orleans Saints are undefeated this season! 1-0!

Mr. O is home and that is wonderful. I woke him up at midnight to remind him that we are undefeated. He enjoyed that, let me tell you!

In other news, I had a job interview the other day. Today, I received a call, offering the position! YaY! I am excited about the job – its in Human Resources and the hours allow me to be home when the kids are not in school. So, I get to earn some money (which we really do need right now) and still be home with the kids when they are home! It’s like the best of both worlds!

What a great start to football season!

It’s Raining. Ick.

I know rain is important. But does it have to mess with my hair so much? I mean, really – I spend all this time making it all pretty and then I step outside and POOF – there it goes!

Mr. O is on the plane and should be ready to be picked up at 3 pm. YaY! That means I won’t have to miss kick-off for the Saints game! (Which, unfortunately, if I had to miss kick-off to pick him, I would absolutely do so, but he would probably have to hear about it for the rest of his life. If you are going to give someone a guilt trip, it better be about something serious, you know!)

His birthday is this weekend as well – on what has turned into not-such-a-happy-day. But, in honor of the wonder of his birth (ha!) I am going to bake him a cake.

It will be the first cake I have ever baked in my life.

Luckily, my family isn’t really picky about presentation – they are more focused on taste – so I don’t have to worry about making the frosting/icing all pretty. Although I am going to try my best – I do not expect to be a cake decorating expert the first time I ever attempt it.

If I ever find the USB cord to plug the camera into the computer I will upload some photos. Maybe I should put that on my “to-do” list.

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Funny thing I saw on the FaceBook – “Your Quarterback and my quarterback, sitting by a fire. My Quarterback tells your Quarterback, “I’m gonna make your ass RETIRE!” Talking about WHO DAT!!!!!?????!!!”  I love it!!!!!

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