Puffy Eyes

This morning I woke up with some really puffy eyes.

Must have been from all that crying I was doing last night.

Why was I crying? To be truthful, I don’t even know. I mean, I know what I was screaming into my pillow, while tears streamed down my face, but I do not know exactly why the crying fit started.

Stress, perhaps?

I am not used to staying home all day. I am adjusting to a new area where I know a total of 3 people outside of my immediate family. I am having to adjust our budget due to the fact that we have lost my income with the move. I am attempting to sell my house (mine before I even knew Mr. O existed) and issues are arrising.

I need that house to sell. Even if it isn’t for “top” dollar, I need the money out of the house to lower our monthly financial obligations and make it easier on us for me to be home.

Mr. O is in another state, leaving me here to watch Camp Rock 2:Final Jam, followed by the Hannah Montana movie. Which makes me cry. Because I am a wussy.

I miss him terribly and just want him to be home. With him being gone, there is no one here to bother me. I like being bothered by Mr. O. He keeps things interesting. Without him, everyone just does what they are told and thats boring.

I want to take the kids to a fair in Kansas City on Sunday. A friend of mine from college is going and it would be a great opportunity to not only see her, but to get out of the house and do something. But Kansas City is a 2 hour drive. A tank of gasoline. Admission isn’t horrible, only $40 for the three of us girls, but that doesn’t include food, attractions, etc. I am estimating that it would be about $200 for the day. I don’t have $200 to spend right now. ($200 includes the admission, gasoline to get there, tolls, food, and an attraction)

I just feel like I am crumbling. Can I do this? Can I be a stay at home? Financially it is not the most ideal situation right now, but my search for employment had been fruitless. So, I really have no choice currently.

Puffy Eyes are really nasty.


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