Getting the parents orientated….

Tonight was the dreaded much anticipated Parent Orientation at the new school.

I hate just love those things.


Being forced to sit at my child’s perfectly sized for them desk and listen to the teacher go on and on for 30 minutes while my butt goes to sleep is my idea of pure bliss.

Oh I know, it is important. Parents are the necessary link between home and school. Information that I NEED to know is given out.

Of course, having two children at this school only means I get to move from a really small 3rd grader chair to a slightly larger but still-not-big-enough 6th grade chair. To listen to the SAME INFORMATION FOR THE FIRST 15 minutes with the 6th grade teachers.

I also get to feel like an idiot because we are new. So I am not all caught up on the lingo they use in this school system – or anything the kids did last year. Having to repeatedly raise my hand to ask “What is that?” gets really old. If this is for parents to become orientated, can’t the teachers at least speak English?

Both of my children are on opposite sides of the spectrum as well. Both require some special education – one because she has been deemed “gifted” by some test, the other because she has been deemed a “slow developer” by another test.

So, two more different classrooms must be visited and for some reason, just in case the primary teacher left anything out, 15 more minutes with EACH special teacher going over the SAME CRAP.

Then onto the family questions. What do I think my child could benefit from?

For starters, they could have benefited from my being home an HOUR earlier, instead of getting home close to 9 o’clock at night.

Secondly, my “gifted” child would benefit from some work that is actually CHALLENGING – not just ENRICHING. Yes, art is important. But if all she is going to do in the “gifted” class is glorified art projects – and missing her NORMAL classes to do such art projects – I just assume she stay in her regular classes. So would she. She really hates having to do the make-up work. Although she does enjoy the art.

My “slow-developer” child would benefit from being able to complete one task before moving onto the next. Oh, I know they have time deadlines and they have to “Clip along” – but if the point is to HELP HER, shouldn’t it be done at HER SPEED? It does no good for her to read 3 books a week if she does not COMPREHEND THEM. Let’s work on comprehension over numbers – really, it WILL benefit her more in the long run. Even if it takes her all week to read one book. I would rather her know what is going on in said book. So would she.

Other than that – it really wasn’t that bad. The teachers ARE nice, and isn’t that what a good parent wants for their children? A NICE teacher? As long as they have high expectations and follow a strict routine and occassionally takes out rulers to smack grubby hands.* (Not MY children’s hands, mind you. Mine are angels. I mean those OTHER children. You know. The UNRULY ones. The ones that make you THANK GOD that you have your BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT children.)

*I do not actually promote smacking little hands with rulers.


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