It’s Raining. Ick.

I know rain is important. But does it have to mess with my hair so much? I mean, really – I spend all this time making it all pretty and then I step outside and POOF – there it goes!

Mr. O is on the plane and should be ready to be picked up at 3 pm. YaY! That means I won’t have to miss kick-off for the Saints game! (Which, unfortunately, if I had to miss kick-off to pick him, I would absolutely do so, but he would probably have to hear about it for the rest of his life. If you are going to give someone a guilt trip, it better be about something serious, you know!)

His birthday is this weekend as well – on what has turned into not-such-a-happy-day. But, in honor of the wonder of his birth (ha!) I am going to bake him a cake.

It will be the first cake I have ever baked in my life.

Luckily, my family isn’t really picky about presentation – they are more focused on taste – so I don’t have to worry about making the frosting/icing all pretty. Although I am going to try my best – I do not expect to be a cake decorating expert the first time I ever attempt it.

If I ever find the USB cord to plug the camera into the computer I will upload some photos. Maybe I should put that on my “to-do” list.

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Funny thing I saw on the FaceBook – “Your Quarterback and my quarterback, sitting by a fire. My Quarterback tells your Quarterback, “I’m gonna make your ass RETIRE!” Talking about WHO DAT!!!!!?????!!!”  I love it!!!!!


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