Do you remember?

I don’t mean where you were when you found out.

Do you remember how you FELT? Do you remember the shock? The tears pouring down your cheeks? The fear?

Maybe you ran to the gas station because you were fearful prices would rise or they would run out. I did.

Maybe you left work early to get your children from school or child care just in case. I did.

Maybe you watched with horror – not completely understanding anything other than – “This is bad. A lot of people just died”. I did.

I remember hugging my then 3 year old daughter as I was crying and her wiping the tears from my face. My then-husband was stationed in South Korea at the time and I remember trying to get a call through frantically – fearful that North Korea would use that moment to hurt us even more.

I remember touching my belly – where my now 8 year old was residing and wondering if she would ever see this world.

Do you remember that in those moments it didn’t matter how much money anyone made, how many cool gadgets anyone had, or what kind of house or car someone owned? Do you remember that it didn’t matter if you considered yourself blue or red? Do you remember that we were UNITED. We understood what was important. We understood that PEOPLE were what mattered.

Everyday I try to remember that feeling. That everything can be taken away in an instant. That how we treat and regard other human beings is what is important, not the things that we ultimately throw away.

Never Forget. Always Remember. United We Stand. Divided We Fall.


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