Some people are just jerks…

Mr. O, the children and I all went the Missouri State vs. Kansas State football game last night. We got a little tailgating in before the game, which was nice. KSU won, so I suppose that was nice as well… even though I really didn’t care who won that particulary game, its always nice for the home team to win, right?

Right. Ok. So, there I was, wearing my brand new KSU t-shirt, just so I can mingle with all the other purple shirts.

And then it hit me. We were tailgating with jerk-off’s!!! I really hate that feeling. I mean, we eventually left that group and went to a different group, but the damage was done.

I was left pissy and Mr. O was left wondering what the hell he did wrong. He was defensive because the jerks are actually his friends from some time before we even starting dating. I was defensive because of course he was trying to DEFEND their jerkiness. As IF! Hello, Mr. O! I am the WIFE here!

But in the end, I am stuck with his defending butt. Because I heart him. And he hearts me too.

Even if yesterday he was being a jerk.


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