Just another Tuesday….

I stayed up wayyyy too late last night. In my defense, it was the NFL’s fault. I mean, when you start a game after 9 pm, how do you expect me to go to sleep early? So, I have cleared myself of all charges. 🙂

I did manage to get my butt up and make the girls their lunches. When the alarm went off I contemplated just giving them lunch money for the day, but what kind of example would that be teaching them? Not only that, it takes about 5 minutes to make the lunches. Although 5 more minutes in bed might have felt nice, it wasn’t really going to do anything for being sleep deprieved.

Speaking of which, tomorrow starts the J O B. Which probably means I am going to be sleep deprieved because not only am I not going to be able to fall asleep due to excitement, but I am going to have to wake up earlier so I can get myself all dolled up.

In other news, I am doing the laundry which never seems to end and ANOTHER load of dishes. I never realized just HOW MANY DISHES Mr. O uses during a day. I think I am going to write his name on his cup so he knows that it is HIS CUP and that he should USE IT MULTIPLE TIMES throughout the day.


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