Resumes people! Resumes!

My new job started and I heart it! Everyone (so far) has been really awesome AND I get to leave the house in pretty dress up gear!

One of my duties is looking through resumes to select who to interview for positions and I can not tell you how crazy they are!

I do not proclaim to be the best resume writer on the planet, because I know that I am not. However, I did spend about 3  hours crafting the resume I submitted for my current job – after I spent about 40 hours researching different types of resumes, action words, formats, etc. I applied for a LOT of jobs too – over 100 before I got this position and I spent a good 2-3 hours on EACH resume for EACH job in which I applied.

Guess how long I think some of these people have taken writing their resumes? Less than two minutes. Really. And then they want to call and ask why they haven’t been called in for an interview.

I don’t know. Maybe because since you couldn’t take the time to write down your skills and experience, I am not going to waste my time interviewing you.

Today I looked through 50 resumes. Out of 50 I picked a grand total of three to call in for interviews. THREE. And two of those I probably shouldn’t have based on the resumes, but I have to interview someone otherwise I don’t have a reason for being employed myself.

I am just saying, you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have two pages of greatness. You do, however, have to come across on paper as though you are professional, capable, willing, and as though you are taking the process seriously. If you can’t take the time to even capitalize the first letters of your first and last names, don’t expect a callback.


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