And then there was…..

Being busy! I love being busy! Unless I want to take a nap, in which case I despise being busy. But I digress….

Today the boss and I stopped by the office supply store to get me a few “welcome to the office” supplies. I got to pick out my own post it notes. MINE. JUST MINE. Awesome! As well as some other supplies I felt I needed.

We also went around to all my facilities and starting meeting all the managers. That was fun. I was at work all day, but only in the office for about 2 hours – I love days like that!

Tonight Mr. O brought the boat to storage. He just sent me a photo text of it – he is really sad. He is always sad when it is time to put the boat up until the next summer. Me? Eh. I like having the boat to take out, but it isn’t the end of the world for me.

We are going out of town this weekend – back to the last place we lived to check on the houses and get some stuff out of storage. With the current housing market we are kinda forced into renting out our houses (I mean, we could attempt to sell, but why take a loss when we have the ability to rent them out and wait until the market turns around?) But renting them out makes Mr. O nervous. So nervous, in fact, that we have to do walk throughs since we are in town. But its okay. Nothing wrong with making sure everything is okay!


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