The road trip was uneventful…. meaning that we really only got into about 487593745894735 arguements instead of much more.

We are not good traveling buddies. Nor are we good “unpack and decide what is coming out of storage” buddies.

But it all works out in the end. We did bring up the entertainment center (for him) and for me we brought the rest of my clothes (I swear I thought I gave away the majority of those things, but the amount that I have still is shocking to me. I think my clothes had sex and made more clothes) my pots and pans, my scrapbooking stuff, and the rest of the girls stuff.

I figure it is a decent trade-off. Entertainment center of pretty much all of my crap? Plus it is really MY entertainment center anyway, since all my pretty pictures and stuff go ON the blasted thing?


Also while in town we stopped by the International Fest that was going on. That was pretty fun. Until the belly dancers. Oh my.


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