Tomorrow my mother comes into town for a visit!

I still have boxes we brought back up here last weekend I need to unpack.

Good news about that is I don’t feel pressured to stay up waayyy late to unpack JUST because my mother is coming to visit. A tornado could have just come through the house and I would still be okay with throwing open the front door and welcoming her in. As long as the kitchen and bathrooms were clean. If they weren’t, then she would have to go stay at a hotel.

It is going to be awesome to see my momma, mainly because she is only staying for 5 days. Any longer than that and we start to REALLY bicker. I don’t know why. We talk on the phone EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and don’t bicker. But the moment we are in each others presence for more than 5 days – look out.

I suppose it is because she’s the mother and I am the daughter – except that now I am the mother who has two daughters. It is a push/pull experiment that always ends up exactly the same: She crys and I end up apologizing by offering to make her a Coca Cola. (Although I very rarely actually apologize, because I only apologize when I am wrong. The offering of Coca Cola is more of a peace offering)

Oh, and there is a craft fair this weekend! That is certainly something I am excited about! Pumpkin patches and Americana crafts – you can’t beat that!


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