Still working it!!!!!!

Suprisingly, I am still sticking with both the Zumba AND the Calorie zig-zag. Amazing.

Went to work today. Got annoyed by supervisor who I think doesn’t know what she is talking about. I say “I Think” because who knows, maybe I am wrong and she DOES know what she is talking about. But in my world, I think she is a goober who doesn’t understand the fundamentals of Human Resources. But hey, maybe its just me.

I need to start working on this week’s assignment for that Human Resources Management Master’s Program class that I am taking. I have been doing really well getting the assignments turned in a day early. I just really need to get off my butt and do it – this week I am just slacking on the school work. Maybe I will work it at while I am AT work tomorrow. HAHA! That’ll really show the boss! (Wait – It won’t? Shush it!)

Other than that, not too much going on. My oldest child has been passed out since about 530 this evening. I really am not ready for another growth spurt. Can’t we make it ONE season without one of these? I guess I should be thankful that her feet stopped growing. Shoes are expensive!


Just another Manic Monday….

Went to work. Supervisor annoyed me. (I can’t say the word “Boss” because 1) no one is the boss of me!!!! and 2) I’m scared I might throw up in my mouth a little if I say that the person who is my supervisor is my boss)

Of course, everything at work might have been annoying me because today was the first day of the calorie zig zag – and the amount today was no more than 1189. Total. For the whole day. I’m used to drinking more calories than that by lunchtime!

I did go to work prepared. I brought my 200 calorie diet microwavable lunch. I brought pickles to much on (because they are ZERO calories Yo!) and I brought TWO ziplock bags of 15 grapes each (one for mid-morning and one for mid-afternoon). But, being prepared with the goodies didn’t translate to my tummy being prepared to feel like it was STARVING practically ALL day!

I know I wasn’t starving. I was eating healthy choices and actually counting the calories that went into my mouth (I am pretty sure that sooner, rather than later, I am going to just start guesstimating) and I did drink a whole bunch of water.

I’m just not used to it.

Came home from work – Zumba’d!!!!!!! YaY!!!!!! Cooked dinner, checked homework blah blah blah… Watched Make It or Break It!!!!! (Exciting life!)

Now it’s time to get to bed. Adequate rest is very important. Or so I read today while I was trying to tell my tummy that there was nothing wrong with it.

Tomorrow, thankfully, is a larger calorie day. I don’t think I could do this everyday. 🙂

Productive Sunday

Or is it?

I will admit to going to the Target. Mainly for toliet paper, although I did end up getting a few extra things, like a top, some candles, some workout shorts, a new sportsbra so, um, the girls can have some proper support. I have a slew of sportsbras. But none of them fit since the first place I gained weight was my tatas. I know, flat women of the world hate me. I would gladly give them a cup size or two with no problem. If only they could invent a way to do that.

$113 later (I don’t remember what else I bought – crazy) I went to the grocery store. Fun times. NOT. I hate the grocery. I hate all the slow people who stop in the middle of the aisle and act like they are the only ones in the store. I really just want some bell peppers. I shouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes to get to them. *sigh*

But, with that being done, now I am home and it is time to start the story of my life called Laundry. Which reminds me, I should probably put my clothes from the last Laundry day away. Fun.

(I also spoke to Mr. “O” on Skype this morning for about an hour. Totally made my day much more, well, MORE. I heart him. 🙂 )

Make It or Break It….

The girls and I stayed up until 4 this morning watching the ABC Family network’s “Make It or Break It” – and let me tell you, I think I am addicted to the show. I probably think that because I stayed up until 4 in the morning watching each.and.every.episode. that had been made so far, and then GOOGLED to see when the next episodes would air…

This show stirred every major emotion and made me cry. (Not in a bad way crying – as in a “YOU GO GIRL!” kind of crying)

I wouldn’t advise the show for the younger kids. Even though it is about gymnastics and gymnists on their way to competing for an Olympic Team spot – there is a lot of “adult” themes running throughout the shoow. I am probably a bit liberal when it comes to what my children can watch, so I am not going to give the show any rating of my own – but you can go to here to check out the show and make your own opinion.

The show, I think, leads to a lot of discussion about some pretty serious topics, which could be good if you need an icebreaker to discuss some of these issues.

Again, we just found the show yesterday on the NetFlix – but we will be watching ABC Family Channel on Monday night to check out the next episode! (Good thing we found all the episodes that have aired just a couple of days until the spring premiere! LOL)

Paper Three – FINISHED!

I don’t know what it is about this Masters program, but I am really into it. This assignment isn’t even due until TOMORROW at MIDNIGHT. And here I am, at 8:53 pm, THE DAY BEFORE, having already SUBMITTED the assignment!

Maybe it is because I am really into the subject matter. Or that I have a lot of experience in the field and it is easier to write about things that you already know. But whatever it is, I LIKE IT!

In other news, I did Zumba today. Yep. And I was sore all day. And I was really sore while I was Zumba-ing tonight. And I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sore just sitting here on the sofa. That ab workout was killer.

But, I worked through the pain and kept it up! Go me! As well as finishing a paper BEFORE it was due! Double YAY me!

Now, if only my husband could come home and celebrate with me instead of being halfway around the world in a really nasty, stinky, awful place. And no, I don’t care if that is insensitive to the people who live there. It is a nasty, stinky, awful place.

Zumba! Zumba!

So – I have gotten into Zumba. At least so far this week.

I bought the DVD set (with the TONING STICKS!) back in December. I had done it a few times. I actually did a whole 10 day program, once.

Since realizing that the surgeon general likes to call me names, I have decided to really throw myself into the Zumba. So even yesterday, after I went to the dentist, had 4 shots, nitrious, and drilling (oh, the drilling!) I STILL came home and Zumba’d. With a numb mouth.

Today, when I came home from work, I Zumba’d.

My legs are on fire. I am sweating in places I forgot existed. And I feel GOOD about it.

Hopefully I keep it up and something doesn’t happen that makes me miss a day. Because I have a feeling, if I even missed ONE day, that would be the end of it for a while. It takes what, 28 days to make something a habit?

(Today was supposed to be an “off” day according the Zumba guide. Instead of taking off, though, I just did the 20 minute express workout and flat abs. Which would be better if they made the abs flat instantly. Just saying.)

Other than that… cooking dinner (yes, the children didn’t seem to eat enough yesterday cause they are demanding dinner again tonight!) and getting ready to work on a paper for my class.

I think I need to find something exciting in my life. Its like 52 degrees outside with 30 MPH winds. Maybe I could get one of the kids to spray me with the hose. Wait, no. That would be interesting, but not really exciting.

Gaining Weight sucks. Really.

Gaining weight was never really an issue for me. Ever. Oh, ok, when I got pregnant I gained, what? 30 pounds? BOTH times? Whats that? Nothing.

I was blissfully going through life, consuming whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and never had to worry about a pound. (I am trying to ignore the fact that I was also MUCH MUCH MUCH more active than I have been in the last year and half)

OK. I was more active. When I was going through undergrad and bartending nights, lets just say, I probably burned more calories than I consumed that day, even if I ate everything off the McDonalds menu.

The last year and half my activity level has gone, well, to basically nothing, outside of going from one place I sit to another place I sit. But my diet? Hasn’t changed a bit!

Now, these some 18 months later, I have gained about 30 pounds. According to my BMI, I am overweight. OK, maybe I am 3 pounds overweight, but still overweight.

Yes, I want to be “skinny” again. But mainly, its because I want to fit in the clothes that I ALREADY have in my closet. I don’t want to buy “bigger” clothes!

So – it all begins with the first step, right? Today, the girls and I went for a nice little 30 minute walk, and then I did an hour of Zumba. Let me just say, I think I should have lost TEN pounds from the amount of effort that I exerted today. But no, it just doesn’t work that way.

And then it hit me! Why some, uh, bigger people, stay that way. It is SO MUCH EASIER than BUSTING YOUR ASS and not seeming to get anything out of it! (at least, not within the 10 minutes after stopping the busting your ass part)

But – I want to lose this weight. I NEED to lose this weight. I don’t feel good about myself. I don’t like only being able to wear 10 things out of my closet. I don’t like the fact that NONE of my spring/summer clothes fit me.

And I really don’t like the fact that my mother called and told me, laughing, that I weigh more than she does. I really don’t like that.

Wow – its been a while!

I certainly have taken some time off from blogging, have I not? Bad bad me!

What it is that I have been up to? Or rather – what has gone on in my wonderous life these past 6 months?

– Working. And working some more

– Sent Mr. “O” on yet another deployment. Fun.

– Basically been a “single” parent – which is not as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. Before anyone goes crazy, let me explain – It is a big deal when you are TRULY a single parent. I am not truly a single parent. I am parenting alone at this time, but I still have the emotional connection and ear of my husband, not to mention his financial support. So – with all that taken into consideration, cooking dinner every night and being the only one to do laundry or the multitude of other tasks is not the end of the world. (Maybe because I was a single parent for a number of years helps. Much easier this time around)

– Taking the little one to Brownies. She is really loving this Girl Scouts thing. Me? I am loving that I can drop her off every other Sunday for 3 hours to do cool stuff that I don’t have to do. Have I mentioned that I have been lazy?

– Being lazy. Really. Although I am keeping the house tidy (I really hate an untidy house), I haven’t made the bed since…. well. I haven’t made the bed.

– Started a Masters Degree program. YaY me! Human Resources Management. And I am loving it!

– Worried every night and day about the crap going on in the world. Especially with Mr. “O” being clear across the world in the wrong neighborhood and the crappy side of the tracks.

That is about all that I have been up to! Other than feeling an urge to write, but continously putting it off until tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and then the day after that……….

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