Gaining Weight sucks. Really.

Gaining weight was never really an issue for me. Ever. Oh, ok, when I got pregnant I gained, what? 30 pounds? BOTH times? Whats that? Nothing.

I was blissfully going through life, consuming whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and never had to worry about a pound. (I am trying to ignore the fact that I was also MUCH MUCH MUCH more active than I have been in the last year and half)

OK. I was more active. When I was going through undergrad and bartending nights, lets just say, I probably burned more calories than I consumed that day, even if I ate everything off the McDonalds menu.

The last year and half my activity level has gone, well, to basically nothing, outside of going from one place I sit to another place I sit. But my diet? Hasn’t changed a bit!

Now, these some 18 months later, I have gained about 30 pounds. According to my BMI, I am overweight. OK, maybe I am 3 pounds overweight, but still overweight.

Yes, I want to be “skinny” again. But mainly, its because I want to fit in the clothes that I ALREADY have in my closet. I don’t want to buy “bigger” clothes!

So – it all begins with the first step, right? Today, the girls and I went for a nice little 30 minute walk, and then I did an hour of Zumba. Let me just say, I think I should have lost TEN pounds from the amount of effort that I exerted today. But no, it just doesn’t work that way.

And then it hit me! Why some, uh, bigger people, stay that way. It is SO MUCH EASIER than BUSTING YOUR ASS and not seeming to get anything out of it! (at least, not within the 10 minutes after stopping the busting your ass part)

But – I want to lose this weight. I NEED to lose this weight. I don’t feel good about myself. I don’t like only being able to wear 10 things out of my closet. I don’t like the fact that NONE of my spring/summer clothes fit me.

And I really don’t like the fact that my mother called and told me, laughing, that I weigh more than she does. I really don’t like that.


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