Zumba! Zumba!

So – I have gotten into Zumba. At least so far this week.

I bought the DVD set (with the TONING STICKS!) back in December. I had done it a few times. I actually did a whole 10 day program, once.

Since realizing that the surgeon general likes to call me names, I have decided to really throw myself into the Zumba. So even yesterday, after I went to the dentist, had 4 shots, nitrious, and drilling (oh, the drilling!) I STILL came home and Zumba’d. With a numb mouth.

Today, when I came home from work, I Zumba’d.

My legs are on fire. I am sweating in places I forgot existed. And I feel GOOD about it.

Hopefully I keep it up and something doesn’t happen that makes me miss a day. Because I have a feeling, if I even missed ONE day, that would be the end of it for a while. It takes what, 28 days to make something a habit?

(Today was supposed to be an “off” day according the Zumba guide. Instead of taking off, though, I just did the 20 minute express workout and flat abs. Which would be better if they made the abs flat instantly. Just saying.)

Other than that… cooking dinner (yes, the children didn’t seem to eat enough yesterday cause they are demanding dinner again tonight!) and getting ready to work on a paper for my class.

I think I need to find something exciting in my life. Its like 52 degrees outside with 30 MPH winds. Maybe I could get one of the kids to spray me with the hose. Wait, no. That would be interesting, but not really exciting.


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