Make It or Break It….

The girls and I stayed up until 4 this morning watching the ABC Family network’s “Make It or Break It” – and let me tell you, I think I am addicted to the show. I probably think that because I stayed up until 4 in the morning watching each.and.every.episode. that had been made so far, and then GOOGLED to see when the next episodes would air…

This show stirred every major emotion and made me cry. (Not in a bad way crying – as in a “YOU GO GIRL!” kind of crying)

I wouldn’t advise the show for the younger kids. Even though it is about gymnastics and gymnists on their way to competing for an Olympic Team spot – there is a lot of “adult” themes running throughout the shoow. I am probably a bit liberal when it comes to what my children can watch, so I am not going to give the show any rating of my own – but you can go to here to check out the show and make your own opinion.

The show, I think, leads to a lot of discussion about some pretty serious topics, which could be good if you need an icebreaker to discuss some of these issues.

Again, we just found the show yesterday on the NetFlix – but we will be watching ABC Family Channel on Monday night to check out the next episode! (Good thing we found all the episodes that have aired just a couple of days until the spring premiere! LOL)


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