Productive Sunday

Or is it?

I will admit to going to the Target. Mainly for toliet paper, although I did end up getting a few extra things, like a top, some candles, some workout shorts, a new sportsbra so, um, the girls can have some proper support. I have a slew of sportsbras. But none of them fit since the first place I gained weight was my tatas. I know, flat women of the world hate me. I would gladly give them a cup size or two with no problem. If only they could invent a way to do that.

$113 later (I don’t remember what else I bought – crazy) I went to the grocery store. Fun times. NOT. I hate the grocery. I hate all the slow people who stop in the middle of the aisle and act like they are the only ones in the store. I really just want some bell peppers. I shouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes to get to them. *sigh*

But, with that being done, now I am home and it is time to start the story of my life called Laundry. Which reminds me, I should probably put my clothes from the last Laundry day away. Fun.

(I also spoke to Mr. “O” on Skype this morning for about an hour. Totally made my day much more, well, MORE. I heart him. 🙂 )


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