Just another Manic Monday….

Went to work. Supervisor annoyed me. (I can’t say the word “Boss” because 1) no one is the boss of me!!!! and 2) I’m scared I might throw up in my mouth a little if I say that the person who is my supervisor is my boss)

Of course, everything at work might have been annoying me because today was the first day of the calorie zig zag – and the amount today was no more than 1189. Total. For the whole day. I’m used to drinking more calories than that by lunchtime!

I did go to work prepared. I brought my 200 calorie diet microwavable lunch. I brought pickles to much on (because they are ZERO calories Yo!) and I brought TWO ziplock bags of 15 grapes each (one for mid-morning and one for mid-afternoon). But, being prepared with the goodies didn’t translate to my tummy being prepared to feel like it was STARVING practically ALL day!

I know I wasn’t starving. I was eating healthy choices and actually counting the calories that went into my mouth (I am pretty sure that sooner, rather than later, I am going to just start guesstimating) and I did drink a whole bunch of water.

I’m just not used to it.

Came home from work – Zumba’d!!!!!!! YaY!!!!!! Cooked dinner, checked homework blah blah blah… Watched Make It or Break It!!!!! (Exciting life!)

Now it’s time to get to bed. Adequate rest is very important. Or so I read today while I was trying to tell my tummy that there was nothing wrong with it.

Tomorrow, thankfully, is a larger calorie day. I don’t think I could do this everyday. 🙂


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