Calorie Counter

I bought myself a Heart Rate Monitor/Calorie Counter thing – and I don’t know if the calorie part is working. At least, I want to think it is not working. After an hour of Zumba (where most burn between 300-700 calories) I only managed to burn 97? Really? 97? I was sweating like a pig! Maybe I have already peaked with Zumba?

Which means I have to find something else. I would go for a nice litle jog, but it is 92 degrees outside right now. NINETY TWO DEGREES. Last week it was 30 something. This is ridiculous.

Other than that, got one paper down, about to complete the second one. Woot! Second class starts tomorrow – so I will have TWO classes going on at once. I sure hope I manage!

I talked to Mr. “O” this morning – it was awesome to see his beautiful face on the Skype. Would be better if he was actually here. *grumble*


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