Trying to get ‘Promoted’

So. Here’s the deal.

Mr. “O” can retire from the military pretty soon. Meaning, like in 18 months. We are pretty sure he is going to retire. Of course, that last *possible* rank that he could get, *if* he got promoted, would be pretty to have. I mean, Sergeant Major is nothing to joke about. It would also mean a bigger retirement check – after at least THREE more years of service. But, I think that he is really just ready to put his hat on the hook and leave it there. This family is pretty much just plain tired of deployments, field time, middle-of-the-night calls, early morning wake-ups (cause if HE has to be up at 0430, why shouldn’t we?) and the rest of the crap (political) that happens at the current level of rank.

This means that our income will go DOWN. DOWN. DOWN. Like “pants on the ground”. Heh. (I find it amusing, at least!)

Which means that *I* need to start looking to get promoted. Pay Raises. Nifty titles. I mean, I do, afterall, have an undergrad degree and I am working on a graduate degree. I should probably put it to good use.

Of course, this may not be the best time to look for promotions. Have you seen the economy? I don’t care what the “experts” say – I am a hiring manager right now and I can tell you that we are working with what we have because of sales. We have only added 9 positions since I started working for my company in September. Not a good time.

BUT! There are some promotional opportunities for me within my current organization – but it would mean moving. Before he gets back from deployment. And being seperated another 8-10 months after he returns before he can head on down to join us.

We have talked about it and have decided that I am going to throw my hat into the pool of applicants. Who knows, nothing may come of it at all. But hopefully, just maybe, I will outshine everyone else and get the promotional advancement. And the move. Plus the title. I really would love to have a title.


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