Life has been hectic. (Isn’t it always)

Life has been disappointing. (It happens)

Life has kept me waiting. (Trying to teach me patience)

Life has brought suprises. (I love suprises! – as long as they are POSITIVE suprises!)

Only 2 weeks left of my first Master’s class. I have enjoyed the experience so far. Which is good – and it really hasn’t made life THAT much more hectic. Just requires a bit more planning to make sure I don’t waste away the time I do have to focus on my studies.

Trying to get promoted at work is going to be more difficult that anticipated. Not because I thought it would be easy – but because someone finally decided to tell me how the process works at this company. I will continue to strive for excellence – however, if greener pastures call, I may just have to go graze on them.

Mr. “O” is in limbo – is he staying? Is he coming home? He is coming home sooner than anticipated (YaY) but we have no idea exactly when that is (BOO!). The worst part is that he is over there with no mission right now – and sitting around is NOT his strong suit. And although I love my husband more than the sun, getting 0500 wake up calls (when I don’t get up until 0600) just because he is bored is starting to get, well, irritating. (I love you baby! You can call me whenever you want!)

We finally got our tax return! 4 days before the SECOND anticipation date the IRS gave us. (Yes. We filed on February 22nd. They couldn’t process our return because the software wasn’t set up to accept it. So we had to wait. And wait. And wait. But, we finally got it!)

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