Financial Goals

Do you have financial goals? I don’t mean the “I want to be a millionaire” statement – because let’s face it, other than the tax issue, we would all pretty much like to be millionaires.

My biggest issue with the financial goals is that there are SO MANY THINGS we are trying to accomplish at once!

We have some debt that we are paying off – (Used the tax return to get rid of the truck note and 5 of the smaller bills).

We want to save some money due to the retirement coming up in the next 18 months.

But even with those two BIG numbers staring us in the face, there is no way I can get my husband on the “beans and rice, rice and beans” plan.

I have a budget spreadsheet. I can tell you where every penny has gone and where every penny should go from 5 years ago to the end of the this year.

I just have a hard time wrapping my head around how to prioritize whats the most important. For me, it is getting rid of all the debt. For my husband, its saving money. We have come to a compromise to do the same amount of money to savings and debt payment (compromise, right?)

But the timelines are driving me crazy. (Have I mentioned that patience is not one of my best qualities?) I want the debt GONE. I want the saving THERE. And I want it all RIGHT NOW.



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