Invisible Furniture

Do you ever feel like everyone can see right through you? And I don’t mean in the “everyone knows what you are thinking and feeling”  kind of way – but in the “you may be in the room but you are more like a piece of furniture” kind of way. 

We’ve all done it – after months, or even years, rearranged our living rooms (or any other room in our house) and when we are finished it looks so… so… DIFFERENT! Sometimes its looks bigger, other times it looks smaller or maybe it looks darker, or perhaps it looks brighter. We are so pleased with our hard work and how we have made our living space so much more – US.

Until its the middle of the night and we have to walk through the room that our brains are no longer trained to walk through and end up stubbing our toes and bruising our shins and even, at times, falling straight over the sofa. (Whose bright idea was it to put the sofa right at the entrance of a room, anyway?)

That’s the thing. Until we changed things around, it was all a bit invisible. Sure, we saw it. We knew it was there. We took for granted that when we flopped down in that spot – the chair would actually be there.

After the change, we notice things we never did before. Exactly how did that red kool-aid stain get UNDER the 500 pound entertainment center that takes 4 grown men to move?

I am willing to bet there are people in your life who are like those “invisible” pieces of furniture. You just simply expect them to be the last place you left them.

But what happens when they move themselves around?

Be mindful to pay attention to how that favorite table is moving an inch or two at a time out of its setting.

 If you don’t, be prepared to stub your toes or worse.

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