Deciding on a new path….

Chosing a new path can be filled with MUCH anxiety. The current path, even with its twists and turns, is comfortable. You already understand it. There are no real suprises. And, let’s face it, the less “excitement” there is on your path is less chance for something “worse” happening.

But no one remembered in history is remembered because they took the safe, known path. There is a reason we call them “Trailblazers”.

My family can continue the way it has been for years (with minor, quirky changes such as the kids do grow up, much to my dismay, so there are those types of changes – or that because we have been a military family we have moved from one place to another) or we can make choices today that could have potentially awesome rewards for tomorrow.

Or possible meltdowns.

One thing is for certain – without taking the risks, we can never reap the rewards.

Over the course of the next few months, we are going to be feeling the overwhelming panic and anxiety that occurs when you change lifestyle patterns – even if they are just a little at a time. Being Obsessive, I will probably go overboard on each modification, driving everyone bonkers. The children will really start to value those big boxes that come from grandma filled with clothes – because unless it is food, gasoline, or another necessity that I have no choice in paying – it ain’t happening. (Except for my internet and netflix. I’ll be damned!)

Retirement seemed forever ago, well, forever ago. Now that it is looming for my husband, the breadwinner of our family, in just a short 18 months, we are realizing how ill prepared we truly are for the impending change. Yes, we have saved money in TSP’s and IRA’s – but he is retiring at 38. Not like we can touch any of that without a HUGE penality, and even if we did, what would we do at 65 (or whatever they change the retirement age to)?

Oh – I realize that I am going to have to go shopping eventually. I also realize that I am going to have to rethink what a Mrs. “O” price to pay for an item actually is.

I’ve always had a stockpile – I remember not having enough money to buy more than one week’s worth of grocery that had to last two. That experience taught me to always have ample storage of food in the house. But coupons? Or only shopping when things are on sale?

Never had the patience.

I am going to have to learn that patience is, indeed, a virtue. Sales flyers and coupons, here I come.

I don’t envision coming away with $1,000 of groceries for $2. But every bit I save is money that we can have put away for the new path that we will be taking here in 18 months.

A path that, with a little planning, can lead to huge rewards for my family. Giving us the flexibility to do the things we want to do without debt hanging over our heads. The ability to take that job we absolutely love without the fear of how the pay won’t pay the rent, much less the electricity.

A life of freedom.


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