I love my postman. I do. Today he brought me the paperwork releasing the lien on Mr. “O”‘s truck.

It is paid off. Early! (We used part of our tax return to just get it paid off. Yes, we had (and have) other debt as well, but paying off the truck and a few smaller bills gave us the most “bang” for our buck in freeing up money each month.)

Another wonderful thing that happened today? I paid all the bills for the month. Every. Single. One. I am amazed at this. For the last, what seems like forever, few months, I have been having to play it close to the due dates because of the ways we get paid. I didn’t have enough money all on the 1st of the month to pay everything. To do that today – to know that everything is paid and everything else that comes in this month can go towards our GOALS – its an amazing feeling. We still have debts – but there is an actual feeling of hope instead of staying up all night trying to figure out how to make everything happen.

The next debt that has the laser sight pointed to it? Military STAR.

Current Balance: $2490.12.

Our goal is to have this debt down to $1700 by the end of the month.

I like having goals. They make me work harder!


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