Saturday shopping trip(s)

I have been shopping before. Of course. And you know this because I have written before about how I went here or there. But I have NEVER went shopping like I did today.

The little “O” and I left the house at 0930 hours this morning. We didn’t get back until almost 1500 hours, or 3 PM for you civilians out there. 🙂

This is out of character. Before, if I were going grocery shopping, I would go to one store and that would be the end of that. But with this new path that we are taking – multiple stores had to be “hit”.

We started by going to the bank to make a deposit, get a money order to pay the rent, and get $50 in quarters so I can do laundry for the month of May. (Yes, I find it so humorous that not only do we own 2 washers and dryers with one set being HERE at the Apartment with us – there are NO washer/dryer hookups so I am forced to PAY to do my laundry. Oh the irony. The other set is at one of the houses.)

Then we went to Target (again – because I really love Target!). A good friend of mine is having a baby, and Target was having a deal where if you bought 3 packages of Huggies for $8.99, you got a $5 gift card. I found some printable Huggie’s coupons (2 for $3.00 off and 1 for $2.00 off), so I got the three packs, used the coupons, got my $5 gift card and have a gift for her. I know this goes against if it isn’t a necessity deal – but we have revisited that issue and have budgeted in a few “perks”. Being able to give gifts for special occassions counts as a perk.

Got a few more things at Target (everything had a coupon – so even if it isn’t the ROCK BOTTOM price, I am still doing better than I was!).

Then we went to the mall. Oh the mall. I have a love/mainly hate relationship with the mall and all its pretty displays. But damnit, I had a coupon for a free pair of panties from Vickie’s and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste! Free (NEW) panties is not something that anyone should ever pass up! I also had a $10 off a bra coupon, so I did get a new bra (which I did kinda sorta need. Did I need a Vickie’s bra? No. But that’s what I got but I bought one that was on sale and used my coupon. Still going in the right direction…)

Then we stopped in at Payless cause the girls did need a new pair of shoes. They were having a BOGO sale, so each of them got one new pair.

Stopped into the Bath and Body Works store, looked around, saw a zillion things I wanted and walked out without buying anything. SCORE!

Then it was time for JC Penney’s. With Mother’s Day coming up, I needed to get something for my momma. There is a certain type of jewelry that they carry that I absolutely love to get her. Found a necklace that is in a weird circle shape that has inscribed around it “A mother holds her child’s hand but for a moment, but their hearts forever”. It was orginally like 151 bucks, but we got it for $35. (Sale!)

My oldest daughter just keeps growing, so while at Penney’s we also got her a pair of shorts, a tank top, and a summer top. Total cost for all three items? Like $22. Everything was sale (a deep sale from retail price) so, still moving in the right direction.

From there we went to the HyVee store and got our military appreciation card that gives us 5% off our purchases and used it for the items that were on the list from the sales ad. (Only bought the loss leaders)

Then it was time from Dillions (Kroger) to get the items on that list. I will not bore you with the total itemized list, but I will say that my receipt tells me I saved 35% off my bill. I was actually pretty excited about that because the highest I have ever had before today was like 20%.

So, all told here is how the day went:

Spent: $280.97

Saved: $ 277.84

I basically saved 50% off of what I brought home today. That feels great. But I was so tired after all the shopping that I needed a nap!

I am excited about getting the coupon inserts tomorrow and getting them all organized. I am excited about getting more for my money.

I am not excited that because I had to take a nap because I was so pooped out from all the shopping, that I am going to be up pretty late tonight finishing my final paper for my first Master’s class. Am excited that the class is finished on Monday and as of right now, I have a 97.50 average! YaY!


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