Where my oldest child owes me $10.50

My children bring their lunches to school everyday.

But it seems my oldest has decided to eat school lunches, because today I got a note saying she owes $10.50.

And while I understand allowing children to “charge” a lunch in case the parent forgot to give them lunch money or whatever, I don’t understand why it takes until my child is at $10.50 for me to find out from the school that money is owed.

But, the end result is that now my oldest owes me $10.50. Which is problematic since she is 12 and doesn’t have a job.

Maybe steam cleaning all the carpets in the house will be worth $10.50 to me. I don’t know.

Any ideas?

(And yes, we have had a “talk” and I know she gets what I said during this conversation and I understand what she said as well. But she also understands she is going to have to work this debt off)


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