For Mother’s Day – my present is these Recycling Bins. I am super excited about them – because presently, the boxes that I have are just not that awesome.

I believe in recycling. Let’s face it, probably 80% or more of the things we throw away are things that could be recycled. It makes no sense to me to throw things into landfills that could be recycled and repurposed.

When we lived in Germany – recyling was EASY. Outside the apartment complex where the dumpsters were – there were 4 dumpsters – one for paper, one for plastic, one for metals and one for compost. They had glass recycling bins as well, but they were spread around the housing post – the one closest to us was about 50 meters away. Seriously¬†– nothing was just THROWN away…. you just sorted and put things in the appropriate bins!

Some areas have recycling bins as part of trash pickup – which does make it easier to recycle, but there are some limitations to what you can put in the bins. But the curbside pickup does make it easier for people to recycle and if you have this service and do not use it, SHAME ON YOU!

In our area, although some trash pickup services have curbside recycling pickup, our apartment complex does not participate. Basically, we just have dumpsters that everything just gets thrown into. So sad.

However, there is a recycling center where we can bring our recyclables. Yes, they pay for the cans and metals; however, they also have programs set up where you can have your “pay” put into a fund for a community organization, such as the food bank. (Which is where any of our “pay” goes to)

Yes, it might mean that once every two weeks I have to make a 10 minute drive to the center to drop off the stuff, but it isn’t really out-of-the-way. I can combine my drop off with other errand runs – when I would be OUT anyway.

If I had a yard here, I would have a compost pile for the food waste. Unfortunately, I do not and we aren’t going to be able to keep the “stinky” foods in the apartment or outside on the balcony. But, we can sort our trash into paper, plastic and metals and reduce our landfill footprint.

These bins will hold more of those items than my current boxes, which means I may only have to go once a month to the recycling center instead of twice a month.

If you are interested in recycling and don’t have curbside pickup, look and see if your area has a recycling center where you can bring your recyclable. It doesn’t really take that long to “sort” your trash if you do it as you go along – and it saves precious resources as well as landfill space!

We got these particular bins at Wal-Mart, just in case you are interested. There are many other places to get them, but price and size were a factor for us – so these will work out for our “needs” and our desire to cut down on our “trash”.

What are your thought on recycling?


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