Where I am confused about school…

So, I am a bit confused about this second class that I have to take for my MA.

No, I am not confused about the format, or the syllabus, or the content.

I am confused as to why I have to take the class. This university calls the class “Organizational Behavior”. My Undergrad university called the class “Corporate Organizational Communication”. And that was a requirement for me to graduate with a BA in Communications.


Well, perhaps not TOTALLY the same. Half of it is my Corporate Organizational Communication. The other half is the “Interpersonal Communication” class that was also required for my undergrad degree.


I don’t know what ticks me off more – having to do the same work all over again or having to PAY $1,000 to DO ALL THE SAME WORK AGAIN when I have already paid $1,000 to DO THE WORK THE FIRST TIME!

On a positive note –  I should get an “A”. You know, since I “should” know it all already, since I have already DONE IT!


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