Personality and Social Perceptions –

And how they interact within Organizations.


This is what I will be working on for the forseeable future (or at least until tomorrow night at 11:59 pm, when it is due)

I could almost promise that I already wrote about this – about 3 years ago. Sadly, I cannot seem to find that 48 page of goodness anywhere electronically (Urgh!) and the paper copy is in storage 6 hours away (yes, I kept every paper JUST IN CASE – ironically, JUST IN CASE is happening and it’s 6 hours away!)

And what’s up with every “scholarly” journal that I am supposed to use having EVERY quote I would want to use being someone else’s quote – making it even more demanding for the APA citations? Really? Can’t these people just write stuff that I can cite without making it so freaking PAINFUL? (I joke – kinda. It would be nice to not have to do it – but again, this IS a MA program. I really need to stop complaining and just get to it!)

 Enjoy your evening, internets!


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