There goes the kitchen sink…

Tonight we had some issues with the plumbing in the kitchen.

Mainly, when we turned on the dishwasher, water started coming up through the drain. Gross water. Really gross water.

So, I called the apartment maintanence people and within 15 mintes they were here to fix the problem.

Happy to say the sink is working – although they have to come tomorrow to do some “re-plumbing” because I guess it is just that time.

You know what I am thankful for? That it happened in the apartment I am living in and not in one of the houses we own. That MY landlord has to deal with the cost of this issue instead of us, being the landlords having to deal with the expense.

On a comical note, the things they found in the pipes were a bit amusing. I guess the kids just don’t realize that drinking straws don’t belong down the sink drain.


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