Star Card balance below $1700!!!

So excited that I had to share!

Two of our most “pressing” financial goals this month were to save $750 and get the Star card balance to $1700.

Well, I already announced that the savings goal was met.

Now I can announce that not only did we meet our Star card reduction goal – but we surpassed it!

Balance is now sitting at $1690!

I know, I know – we only surpassed it by ten bucks. But surpassing is surpassing, no matter what the number!

I also took J Money’sĀ savings challenge this week – which means we also surpassed our savings goal by $50 – making the total $800 for the month! Woot!

I really want to squeeze some more money out of this budget of ours to get that Star card balance down to $1600 by the end of the month. I don’t know realistically that is going to happen. But I can certainly aim for it and even if I don’t get it to $1600 – every extra dollar will still be more than the goal!


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