Do you recycle gift bags?

  I am happy to report that I have received my awesome recycling bins and they are working like a charm!

But that brings me to the question of what other things do you recycle? For instance – gift bags?

I am an avid recycler of gift bags. I can tell you that some of these gifts bags can be used more than 20 times before its probably not a good idea to use them anymore (and that’s only cause they will look all used – but – depending on who the receipent is, they may not care!)

How do I know this? About 14 years ago my mother and I started a glorious tradition of re-using our Christmas gift bags. It’s an ongoing joke about how its my year to get such and such bag back and vice versa. This lead to re-using other gift bags and honestly, I can’t even tell you the last time I bought a gift bag.

Kids birthday parties? Well, we re-use the bags that my children received their birthday gifts in from their friends. Some of those are just all-occassion bags, which can be used for other events. Baby shower gifts? Just look through the stash and find something that doesn’t have a specific theme – like stripes. Or polka dots. (I like the polka dots – really. Don’t judge me!)

I also save the tissue. Yes. I take the tissue out of the bags, lay them flat on top of each other and fold them up. Who cares if they are crinkled? They are going to get crinkled again going back into the gift bag next time it gets used!

Not only does this save me money (which is always awesome!) it also keeps a perfectly useful and good item from ending up in the landfill. Of course, when I get a bag and it has reached the end of its life-cycle, I bring it to the recycling center so it can become something else awesome. Maybe another gift bag!

What types of things do you re-use or re-purpose in order to save money/the planet/your sanity?


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