Star: “hey hey hey! Goodbye!”

After speaking with Mr. “O” yesterday and telling him the glorious news that we surpassed our $1700 Star goal by $10 – he said to me:

“I am going to go online today and just pay the rest of it off.” (Mr. “O” had an account that is just for him – because of the complexities of accounting while he is deployed (i.e. – I will have no idea when he is spending money or how much he is spending until I see it on the bank statement) it just makes sense for him to have his own “spending” account that I don’t have to deal with on this side of the world.)

I guess he hasn’t been spending too much money over these past few months, 🙂

In anycase, now we went from not only reaching the goal, but surpassing it by $10 to having it PAID OFF!


Next on the list? Discover. Oh Discover.

Current Balance: $4,309


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