Where my head literally feels like it is about to explode…

Yes,  I took all my stupid medicines today. And no, they did not seem to help. (Although I am sure they did help enough to keep me at work all day instead of calling a taxi cab to bring me home. That’s how bad I was feeling – bad enough to where I would leave my vehicle at work and deal with the costs of a cab driving me 20 miles one way)

So now that I am home, in my comfy bed, with only the light of the computer screen staring back at me, I feel a *little* better.

But not much. And yes,  I should just go take a nap. But I have a paper due Wednesday that isn’t going to write itself. And children that think they must be fed each and every day. I swear, we should vacation in a 3rd world country just so they can appreciate the fact that there is food in the house each and every day and that even if I can’t don’t cook something, there is more than enough that they can fend for themselves.


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