Just getting my nifty list together….

Got the grocers sales ads from the paper today! Went through them a few times and decided that the one or two items I would like to get from the other “secondary” stores aren’t at a price worth it for me to drive there.

So Dillons, here I come with my money and my coupons again! YaY!

My list isn’t really long, but only 2 items don’t have coupons to go with them – yet. I am thinking about looking online to see if there are some printables that I can take with me.

Good thing the list isn’t really that long – I am running out of grocery money in the budget! I am going to have to rethink my “stockpile” amount strategy when it comes to the budget.

And, in other news, Mr. “O” could be home as soon as…… Thursday!!!!!! Could. Not going to expect that, though. But yeah. I have the kids cleaning like no one’s business. While I sit here and blog, make grocery lists, work on finishing this silly paper of mine that is about “how to motivate the workforce”… haha! Just tell them daddy is coming home and if the house isn’t clean he is going to spaz out! Works everytime! Paper done! 🙂


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