I tried! I really did!

So – both of my children have (had) school programs today.

I knew that one of them was sometime after school – which is fine cause they will remind me that it was time to leave to get to it.

The other one was during the actual school day. I *thought* it was at 12:30. Boy – was I wrong.

It was at *9:30*.

Mom Guilt alert – coming along full speed ahead.

So, while I am already at the school, I decided to go see the little one (who was eating lunch) and sat with her and her little friends for as long as I could stand it (about 15 minutes) before I went looking for the oldest. (The middle one does not live with us – so in order to look for him at school I would have to drive 6.5 hours. Not happening today)

I found the oldest one outside at P.E. or recess – not sure what is was exactly except that it was outside and she was walking/running around a track – which is why I think P.E. Except none of the other kids outside were doing anything other than standing there. Which is why it could be recess. But I digress.

She saw me and came running to me screaming “MOMMY!”

(Did I mention I already feel guilty for missing her program and now here she is, at almost *13* as I am reminded daily, running towards me screaming “MOMMY!” so the whole world not only knows *who* I am, but that she is excited about it?)

I told her I was sorry, that I thought her program was at 12:30. She said to me, “Silly mommy, trix are for kids!” and then told me it was okay because she knows I tried and that she loves me and then proceeded to kiss me. In *Front* of EVERYONE.

Then I got a big hug and a whisper in my ear that said, “I totally deserve some Skittles, you know!”

And I agree. She totally deserves some Skittles. But I can’t go get those right now because I am sitting here crying because my almost *13* year old totally “embarrassed” herself in front of her peer group, didn’t give a rats ass about it, because I am her “MOMMY!” and she loves me.

(Of course I know the big show was so I would get her what she really loves, which is Skittles, but still, that isn’t the point of the story!)


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