The second bane of my exsistance….

The first bane of exsistance is laundry – but that is an entire post just for itself. This one is about Toliet-Paper – the always needed no-matter-what-the-price.

Worse thing in the world? Realizing that you are OUT of toliet paper when you *REALLY* need some. Even worse? You are the only one in the house old enough to drive to the store to get some toliet paper and *you* are the one who needs it.

This hasn’t happened to me *recently* – but it has happened. Gross. No more details needed.

So – as part of my stockpile, I am ensuring that we are NEVER going to run out of toliet paper. Sales + coupons = savings on something that I am going to buy, that you are going to buy, that most normal, sane people in the western world are going to buy. And buy on a regular basis.

By not shopping sales+coupons=savings for toliet paper, you really should just use those dollar bills to wipe your butt. Because this isn’t a “maybe I will never buy or use item” nor is it a “it’s not organic and that’s all I eat” item. It is a STAPLE item that EVERYONE uses.

At least, I really really hope they do.

Do you stockpile toliet paper? How much toliet paper is TOO much toliet paper? Can there ever be such a thing as TOO much toliet paper with a house full of girls who use a roll every time they enter the bathroom – even if it is just to brush their teeth?


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