Leaving, on a jet plane….

So it is official! Mr. “O” is somewhere in the skies up above, making his way back to the good ‘ole U S of A! Hooah!!!!! Best news of the day! Which means, if everything goes according to plan (which we can never count on, but will hope for!) he should be early tomorrow afternoon! Awesome! Just in time for Friday Movie night! Which is the Justin Bieber movie, “Never say Never”! HAHA! (He might just wish he had gotten the choice to delay his return one more day! 🙂 )

Needless to say, I was jumping up and down at work practically all day. Even though he isn’t coming in until the afternoon (fingers crossed) I am taking tomorrow off of work, cause I have A LOT to get down around here!

Like – make the bed! Bring the recyclables to the center! Bring this box of clothes to the Salvation Army! Do laundry! You know, everything I *would* have done over the weekend but won’t, because I will be busy snuggling with my super-awesome-sexy-hero-husband!

Next best thing that happened today? I applied for one of the internal jobs with my company at Headquarters. This is a very competitive position. Over 300 people applied for it – and *I* got a Preliminary interview! *AWESOME*!!!!!!!! This does not mean that I will automatically get an interview, interview, of course, but it is still a positive thing moving in the right direction!

Third best thing? I applied for another job within my company (not at HQs though, in the field) and my resume status has been changed from “PreScreen” (meaning they have it) to “Review” (meaning someone is looking at it!) And since I am HR, I can be sneaky and see how many other people are in review, and only 7 people are in review status! Another positive thing!

Fourth best thing that happened today? I went grocery shopping and spent LESS than I anticipated although I bought MORE than what was on the LIST! How awesome is that? I swear, I am loving my coupons more and more everyday! And yes, I bought more toliet paper! And I am running out of room in my freezer, so my hubby is coming home *JUST* in time to go to the store with me and look for a stand alone freezer! (Of course, with a possible move, is this justified? I don’t care – I will take the freezer with me!)

This Thursday has turned out to be an incredible day! Now – off to scrub toliets and other mundane chores pretty much all night long, because there is NO WAY that I am going to be able to fall asleep! Advanced warning: I may do mini-blog posts all night long!

(I also stopped by and got some Crown Royal, my hubby’s favorite, for him. The biggest bottle that I could buy. Which is like 1.75 Liters. Had to get some Crown for my King! 🙂 )


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