Really. I do. I used to not mind it so much – but now that I have to walk down three flights of stairs and pay $1.50 to wash a load and who knows how much it ends up being to dry a load, I really hate laundry.

Especially since MY washer and dryer (the ones we *own*) are sitting RIGHT THERE in the storage closet. But, alas, this apartment doesn’t have washer/dryer hookups. So its either three flights of stairs or the laundrymat.

Thankfully, although there are only two washers and ONE dryer (What sense that makes, I don’t know), there never seems to be a line for laundry. I pretty much just get to do my laundry whenever I feel like it – which is pretty nice. I would hate to have to take other people’s clothes out of the machines because they were interrupting my method.

But today I hate it even more, because I feel like I am washing EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE. For instance, since it was only me taking showers in our bathroom, let’s face it, I kept using the same two towels over and over. Wash, use, use, use, wash, use, use, use, wash… (yes, I use a towel three times before I decide it is “dirty” Blah) BUT! Because of that – none of the other towels got washed in the last 7 months. That won’t do! I want my hubby to have freshly clean, bounty-ful towels to dry off with when he comes home after not being able to shower for the last four days of travel!

So – here I am, washing EVERY. SINGLE. TOWEL.

Not to mention all the regular washing and the linens – (Oh yeah – washing EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THOSE. TOO. because hopefully I will get to change them much more often with these upcoming weeks! TMI- I know, but I don’t care!)

I have spent $20.00 washing and drying so far today. Urgh. I estimate it is going to take about $30-$35 when it is all said and done.

The one good thing about doing all this washing, though? It is keeping me busy instead of just pacing back and forth waiting for the call telling me, “Where are you? Come get me! I’m at the airport!”


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