American Airlines can suck it!

I will NEVER fly American Airlines again. (Actually, I haven’t flown with them since March of 2007 when I had horrible customer service when a connecting flight was cancelled and since then have even paid up to $400 more round trip to NOT fly American Airlines… but I digress)

The flight was overbooked. Guess who got kicked off the flight and put on the next one?


You know, the one who has been fighting the “people” that American Airlines allowed to OVERTAKE THEIR PLANES AND FLY THEM INTO BUILDINGS!

Really? You kick a Soldier off of an “overbooked” flight? Really?

I have already written American Airlines and told them, in nicer words than this, that they suck ass and that they are UN-American and have no business having a military contract for flights. That they have stolen precious time from my family with our daddy, husband, and best friend.

Hopefully he doesn’t get kicked off of the next flight, which is the LAST flight of the day coming into our airport – because of “overbooking”.

You are free to fly any airline you choose. But my advice? (Although extremely biased?) Stay away from American Airlines. They are assholes.


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