I think it went well…

the interview, that is.

The only downside? I would have to move. About 10 hours away. When my husband *just* got back.

We talked about this all before. For hours and hours. And about the benefits vs. the rewards and yadda yadda yadda.

But now that I actually got an interview, one in which I think I did extremely well with, that could lead to actual job offer?

I don’t want to think about leaving him.

He is telling me to stop crying and being dramatic. It isn’t like we haven’t been separated before – and we are just fine. That we talked about this… that I should take opportunities that present themselves when they do because we don’t know if they will present themselves later down the road.

But the thing is – there will always be an opportunity somewhere. I know that there will be. I have faith that there will be.

I think we need to pray and let God move us in the right direction.


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