When it rains, it pours…

So, last night I had an interview, which I think went pretty well.

Then today, I got a call for another position within the company I applied for. They set up an interview for next Friday.

About an hour after that, I got a call from yet another position I applied for and got an interview set up for Tuesday.

So now I have gone from zero people calling me back to three interviews within a 1 week period.

Of course, all the positions are in different locations.

What happens if I get an offer for one position before I even have my interview for the other positions? Oh me, oh my! What a fiasco!

I never expected to have this many interviews in the same time frame. Call me crazy, but I just didn’t expect it. Of course, it has boosted my ego quite a bit.

This time last year, I had applied for over 200 jobs and couldn’t even get a telephone interview. My, how a year changes things.

Funny enough, none of my qualifications have changed.


So, no time to go back to having a panic attack about it all. And to go get my couponing on. Oh yes, I am about to hit the stores with my coupons!!!!!!!


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